Green Crystal Beads Bracelet (7mm)

Description: This bracelet is made up of a series of green natural crystal mala beads. The color green is the color of nature and the color of life. It is associated with renewal and harmony. For these reasons, green gemstones are often associated with wealth and prosperity.

Meditating and wearing these green crystals can bring inner peace and wisdom to yourself. For the ill tempered, holding a green crystal helps you to calm down when tempers are rising. Giving green crystals to a child is said to bring health, wealth and longevity throughout his or her life.

Material: Natural green crystal

Anahata (heart) chakra

Green is the color of nature; the color of life. It is also the color of the Anahata, or heart, chakra. This chakra is all about compassion and unconditional love.

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