Moonstone Beads Bracelet (6-6.5mm)

Description: This white moonstone bracelet is made up of top quality moonstone beads. Each bead exudes a blue sheen under strong light. The silky white appearance of the moonstone beads reminds one of the sophistication often associated with white pearl beads.

Material: Natural moonstone

About Moonstone

The moonstone is a beautiful, silky white gemstone. It gets its name from the moon-like light we see emanating from the gemstone. Interestingly, the moonstone was chosen as official state gem of Florida, to commemorate the NASA moon landings.

Moonstone is commonly thought to confer healing properties, given its association with the lunar moon. It works with the Swadhisthana (sacral), Ajna (third-eye), and Sahashrara (crown) chakras, and promotes instrospection and judgement, enhancing our decision making.

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