Pink Crystal Beads Bracelet (8mm)

Description: This sweet bracelet is made of premier, natural rose quartz beads. the beauty of this bracelet lies in the translucent beads it is made up of. The translucent pink beads are well polished and simply mesmerizing to look at.

Material: Premier natural rose quartz

About Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, as its name suggests, is a form of quartz with a red/pink hue. Its beautiful color comes from trace amounts of titanium, manganese, or iron within the gemstone. Common alternative names for rose quartz include "pink quartz" and "love stone".

Ancient Egyptians prized the gemstone, believed it is capable of postponing ageing. It is also thought to aid sleep and alleviate ills associated with an imbalanced heart chakra. The rose quartz is believed to have a distinct calming and soothing effect on the person whom wears it. Rose quartz calms the emotions and eases emotional traumas. Holding a piece of rose quartz can help calm you down through emotional turmoils.

Rose quartz is considered to be a stone of Venus. It is a symbol of gentle love and beauty. It stimulates the imagination and intellect, opening your heart for inner peace, positive self-love and self-esteem. Rose quartz encourages forgiveness, love and friendship.

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